Thursday, December 29, 2005

McGee’s Spectacular Play Shocks Bengals

We beat the Cincinnati Bengals 37-27 on the road last weekend and showed we have the strength to beat a top rated team. This was our fifth win of the season and Kelly Holcomb passed with great accuracy for 308 yards and the victory. Terrence McGee returned a kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown and became the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. With under a minute left in the fourth quarter, McGee showed his worth again with a 46-yard interception for a touchdown. He became the first player ever to perform both of those feats in a single game and deserves recognition.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holcomb, Losman and the Great Moorman

Out of all the players on the Buffalo Bills squad punter Brian Moorman was chosen to go to the Pro Bowl. He is the only Bills player selected and this is his first time to go to the all-star game. Kelly Holcomb will be making his second start in our game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday. Hopefully this will be his best start because the Bengals are a tough team to beat. Losman is still walking with a limp but is probable for the game on Saturday. It appears he has no trouble passing from his performance at practice yet he will not be able to start.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Great Moments but No Win for the Bills

Unfortunately our schedule got pretty impossible four weeks ago and we haven’t pulled out a win since. The Buffalo Bills have had to face the unstoppable Carolina Panthers, the offensive masters of the New England Patriots, and on Saturday we play the Denver Broncos who are said to have the best defense in the league. Individual players did pretty well in the game against the Patriots. Aaron Schobel got his tenth sack for the season in the New England game. However, the few accomplishments of the game included only one touchdown and you can’t win a game against a former Super Bowl champ with one touchdown.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Moulds Knocks Team Leadership

Eric Moulds has been punished for an argument on the sidelines with an assistant coach. They have suspended him without pay and he will not be playing in the game against the New England Patriots on Sunday. He will be back after that and will play the last games of the season. Moulds has been excluded from practice this week as well. The actual disagreement was over Moulds leaving the field due to pain in his Achilles tendon. The trainer asked him to get back on the field and Moulds refused. The trainer says that he never heard Moulds mention he was hurt. ESPN claims when the trainer came to tell Moulds to get back on the field::

“Tyke Tolbert…said that Moulds responded by saying he didn't have to listen to what the head coach said.”

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Panthers Beat Bills, Barely.

Against the Carolina Panthers the Bills linebacker, London Fletcher, got 17 tackles but we did not pull out the win. Panther quarterback Jake Delhomme passed for a lot of yards and our QB J.P. Losman passed for a career-high 197 yards, so we can’t say all the big plays were on the other side of the ball. They just had the better defense and kept us out of the end zone. It was not a high-scoring game on either side of the ball yet I believe it is a game we should have won. The statistics don’t lie and they really make us look like a winning team. This was a home game loss but how can we turn this season into something when we can’t win on the road?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Losman Gets Hit, a Lot.

Number two in the AFC East with a 4-6 record is where our Buffalo Bills are at right now. Our loss to the San Diego Chargers was not really as bad as the score makes it look. The Chargers are a good team, they have a 6-4 record and this was their third consecutive win. It would have been nice if our defense had stopped them from scoring so many points, but we haven’t been winning on the road all season. There are a lot of things to work on and our running game is a big one. Willis McGahee hasn’t been producing like the NFL’s best running back, a moniker he gave himself. The Chargers got six sacks on J.P. Losman for the game.

We need to put this hard loss behind us and focus on the rest of the season with the Carolina Panthers coming up. That is going to be one important home game.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Get the Tiiming Down

QB J.P. Losman and WR Lee Evans are spending quite a bit of extra time at the practice facility working on their timing. Just like any QB and WR combination the youngsters need time to develop and gain a feel for each other. And when they do, the two will be making a number of big plays for seasons to come.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oh Henry

The interest on behalf of the Titans for Travis Henry continues to grow. The Bills have long lost the need for Travis Henry, who is still a good commodity to have around. But the Bills have McGahee and plan to build the future run game around him. The Titans have only offered a 4th round pick for Henry, but the Bills are looking for at a 3rd round pick.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


It has been nothing but praise around the locker room for young gun, J.P. Losman. The praise is mostly coming from veterans. They have been noticing Losman's maturity on and off the field.

It is the way Losman carries himself that the team likes the most. He has confidence in his athletic ability and his cannon like arm. Losman has the confidence to lead this team and the players are eager to follow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Drawing Interest

There are three teams right now that are interested in Bills running back Travis Henry. The Eagles carried interest in Henry ever since Terrell Owens hold out began, and would like to have a back field with as many swing pass catching running backs as possible.

Another team that has interest is the Titans. I don’t really understand the Titans purpose for Henry since they already have Brown. Lastly the Jags are looking into Henry incase Fred Taylor’s knee does not recover.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Protoype

As wide receiver Eric Moulds enters into his 11th season as loyal Buffalo Bill, the man still remains one of the most talented players in the league at his respective position. He has excellent size and all-around athleticism. Although he's he has lost a step over the years, Moulds still has above average speed.

Mould’s also has great upper body strength that will help him to beat jams at the line of scrimmage. Let us not forget about his route running capability that he uses to create separation. Mould’s in my eyes is an all around prototype receiver that will make J.P Losman look like a star.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Replacements

QB Kelly Holcomb looks like he'll be a solid backup and mentor to first-year starter J.P. Losman. Holcomb threw the ball well and showed a good command of the offense during the team's recent minicamp.

He doesn't have a gun like Losman, but Holcomb gets the ball where it needs to be and makes sound decisions.

Holcomb poses no threat to Losman's hold on the starting job, but the team says having a backup with Holcomb's experience, knowledge and professional approach to the game will assist in Losman's development as a player and leader.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Rookie WR Roscoe Parrish made a very good impression on teammates and the coaching staff. He showed off his great speed and playmaking skills. Despite his size, the 5-9, 170-pound Parrish is a tough guy and is not afraid to go over the middle. He also raised eyebrows by fighting for jump balls and making catches over taller cornerbacks. So far, Parrish has been everything the team envisioned when it drafted him in the second round. He still has a lot to learn as far as reading coverages and beating jams off the line of scrimmage, but he is such an explosive vertical threat that he will create matchup problems as a slot receiver.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Draft Dish

The Bills believe they are very close to being an elite team, so they sought immediate help in this draft. They added speed at several skill positions and depth on the interior of the offensive line. Conventional wisdom said that offensive line and defensive line were the club's top draft priorities, but Buffalo used its first two picks on WR Roscoe Parrish and TE Kevin Everett, and took offensive linemen later. Parrish is a deep threat, and Everett provides insurance behind TEs Mark Campbell and Tim Euhus, who are coming off major knee surgeries. . . .

The decision not to draft defensive tackles is a ringing endorsement of Tim Anderson, who is the favorite to replace Pat Williams (Vikings), and top backup Ron Edwards.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Drafting a Plan

The Bills' first choice will be the 55th selection -- they traded their 2005 first-round pick last year to get in position to draft QB J.P. Losman -- so they would like to move up. The possible trade of disgruntled RB Travis Henry will have some effect on the team's strategy. The Bills would love to get another second-round pick for Henry. There also is a chance the stalled trade talks regarding Cardinals OT L.J. Shelton could be revived. Acquiring Shelton would make drafting an offensive tackle in the early rounds less of a priority. The Bills don't have many glaring needs -- they already have filled some holes with free agents -- so they primarily will look for depth and future starters in the draft.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Only getting Better...

Most people expect a rookie to put out rookie numbers. Most rookies do put out rookie numbers as they use that first year to learn the play black and find chemistry with their fellow team mates. Some people even say it takes a while for rookies to adjust from the College level speed of the game to NFL.

But that was not the case for Bills rookie receiver, Lee Evans…

Evans now entering his second year is projected to do be even better than when he was a rookie. Evans caught 48 passes for 843 and 9 touchdowns this past season, which is impressive as is.

Evans gave the Bills the quick strike capability that they needed vertically in passing game. Evans was such a quick learner and with his speed to match he will be a vital tool to the Bills offensive.

O yeah, the kid has really good hands too. Hands and speed is something that can not be taught. And what could be taught was picked up very well by Evans. As the season progressed he started running routes like a veteran and his work ethic speaks for it self. It seems that Evans has a very bright future ahead of him.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Postion Change

Starting C Trey Teague may get a look at left tackle during the spring minicamps. The Bills had plans to use him at that position when signing him as a free agent out of Denver in 2002, but ultimately decided he was a better fit at center.

Teague started 20 games at left tackle in four years for Denver, including all 16 regular-season contests in 2001. Teague may be the Bills' most athletic offensive lineman. He is a technically sound blocker, and he has the quickness and mobility to play in space. While not a dominant run blocker, he works hard at getting good position and redirecting defenders.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cap Status

With WR Eric Moulds' contract extension and QB Drew Bledsoe's release, the Bills are roughly $14 million under the projected 2005 salary cap. This puts the team in position to re-sign its key free agents and pursue other veterans on the open market.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Vincent to stay Safety

If Troy Vincent wanted to play cornerback on my football I would let him, but I am not a coach nor am I his coach.

Vincent would like to play cornerback and would still be at least in the tops 5 if did play corner for the Bills. That is not where he will play next season though, and is prepared to become the Bills free safety permanently.

Vincent is as smart as they come in the NFL if not smarter. He adapted quickly to the position and with his uncanny instinct to be were the ball is, him and Lawyer Milloy will be a force to be reckoned with.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

One more to the pro-bowl

The man of the hour in Buffalo right now is cornerback Nate Clements. Clements found out recently that he would be making a trip to the pro-bowl.

"My dad called and told me that I had made it to the Pro Bowl and I was just like, 'get outta here' and I started laughing," Clements said. "I was so loud in the grocery store people were looking at me like I was crazy."

Clements had 78 tackles, with 5 forced fumbles, and lead his team with 6 interceptions, and now joins defensive starters Sam Adams and Takeo Spikes in Hawaii.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Here is an Idea

Even though the Buffalo Bills had a spot in the top ten NFL's scoring offense, the Bills still lacked to be a red zone threat enough in the red zone. The Bills only converted 28 of their 62 red zone attempts. That is 45.2 percentage rate of scoring in the red zone.

There were just three teams left after the Bills with a less percentage of producing TD's in the red zone, teams in which names will not be mentioned.

It just doesn't make sense with a young running back like Willis McGahee and receiver like Eric Moulds and Lee Evans. The talent is there, but for the Bills to make their presence known in the next post-season it would be important to run the ball more at first to open up slants in the middle of the field.

Why not have crossing slants? If the Bills can sell the run and get the defensive to but 7 or 8 in the "box" then those crossing slants would hurt in the red zone against opposing defenses.