Sunday, January 30, 2005

One more to the pro-bowl

The man of the hour in Buffalo right now is cornerback Nate Clements. Clements found out recently that he would be making a trip to the pro-bowl.

"My dad called and told me that I had made it to the Pro Bowl and I was just like, 'get outta here' and I started laughing," Clements said. "I was so loud in the grocery store people were looking at me like I was crazy."

Clements had 78 tackles, with 5 forced fumbles, and lead his team with 6 interceptions, and now joins defensive starters Sam Adams and Takeo Spikes in Hawaii.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Here is an Idea

Even though the Buffalo Bills had a spot in the top ten NFL's scoring offense, the Bills still lacked to be a red zone threat enough in the red zone. The Bills only converted 28 of their 62 red zone attempts. That is 45.2 percentage rate of scoring in the red zone.

There were just three teams left after the Bills with a less percentage of producing TD's in the red zone, teams in which names will not be mentioned.

It just doesn't make sense with a young running back like Willis McGahee and receiver like Eric Moulds and Lee Evans. The talent is there, but for the Bills to make their presence known in the next post-season it would be important to run the ball more at first to open up slants in the middle of the field.

Why not have crossing slants? If the Bills can sell the run and get the defensive to but 7 or 8 in the "box" then those crossing slants would hurt in the red zone against opposing defenses.