Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Buffalo Not the Only Victims of NE Patriots

The AFC-leading New England Patriots have bumped off everybody they've encountered this year except the Denver Broncos. The Pats have five wins in a row on the road, and their cumulative scoring currently adds up to 156-64.

Sunday was still pretty embarrasing for the Bills, but I think we'll have a better shot against the Green Bay Packers, after we have a week off to regroup.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shoveling Off to Buffalo

Here's the big news for this Friday the 13th in Buffalo Bills land: we are totally buried under snow. I know that sounds like a "dog bites man" kind of story around here -- we get snow up to our eyeballs and then some every winter. But this isn't December 13th--it's freakin' October 13th! I always loved a snow day, but before Halloween??

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some people

You know, I had a guy ask me why I bother following the Bills when there are other teams that are more worth watching, I just shook my head. I guess transplants from other cities just won't get it. I'm really pulling for the Bills this weekend against Chicago. They're going to have to push pretty hard with Chicago's defense, but I have every confidence that we'll win.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Things Break Buffalo’s Way This Time

Amazing what a difference turnovers can make! Last week when the New York Jets came to Ralph Wilson Stadium it felt like we were graciously offering them the ball every couple of plays. Yesterday, our Buffalo Bills were not so generous with the Minnesota Vikings – no turnovers for J.P. Losman or anybody else on our side and a couple of sweet interceptions for them! That game was a pleasure to watch, and I wish I would have had tickets to see it live from the stands.

Next week may be another story. The Chicago Bears did a number on the Seattle Seahawks and continued their win streak (4 and 0). But we’ll be cheering for ya, Buffalo, when you enter their den at Soldier Field.